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Blogging: How and Why?

Have you ever thought about introducing a blog to your company? Have you seen any of your industry leaders or competitors using blogs? Have you ever wondered why or HOW they are doing it?


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Blogs can increase your authority within your industry

More importantly; have you ever tried to write your own blog! Give it a go now – would you post the results for your potential customers to see?

We can ‘do’ your blog. We cover everything: whether to set up your blog on or off your current website, how you want your brand to ‘sound’, the message you want to get across, your audience, and exactly WHAT you’re trying to achieve. This will most likely be an offline goal, such as ultimately increasing your sales, but another goal might be to target your customers by location for example.

Now the important bit: the WHY!

There are two main reasons that companies might blog. The first is that they want to become an authority on a certain topic or within their industry, with the aim that customers and potential customers will see them as a ‘go to’ or a leader, and increase customer loyalty or widen their customer base, also to develop their brand’s reputation both online and offline. This is done through offering advice, opinion, hints, tips and news on the blog, in such a way that it appeals to the consumer.

Blogging can also dramatically improve your SEO. In non-marketing terms, think of SEO as your ‘findability’ on Google. The more people that can easily find you on Google, the more people look at your website, the more chance there is that they will use your services. So if a customer is searching on Google for a service, it’s likely he’ll choose to go with a result from the first page of Google. A blog that is regularly updated, and is popular, can boost your ranking on Google, in the aim to get you up on the first page of Google and be the service that the customer chooses. The theory is simple, but the execution can be extremely complex, which is why we take care of it for you.

So that, in a nutshell, covers blogs. So why is a company that primarily offers social media, also offering blogs?! Again, it’s very simple: social media is one method by which blogs are circulated and promoted. You might have the best blog in the world, but you need to get people reading it! We cover this for you too.


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When deciding whether ‘to blog or not to blog’, bear in mind two things:

  1. Google uses over 200 factors to decide your popularity: blogging is one of them, social media is another, but your popularity will also depend on the other 198+ factors. A big factor is your website. If your website is not what we call ‘optimised’ for SEO, then we can advise you on how to optimise it and make the necessary changes, or redesign.
  2. Certain industries and companies lend themselves better than others to blogging. Bear in mind that blogging is considered a medium-long term investment; it’s a ‘slow burner’. It takes a while to build up your authority as an expert in your topic of choice. You can expect to see your search engine results improve within 3-6 months – we track this for you and present the results, and you let us know when the blog gets your customers talking offline too!

So if you’re new to blogging, but want to find out more, give us a call.

Or, if you already understand the ideas behind it and need us to create your blog and start posting for you, get in touch.

Or just call us to let us know you found a new blog about a funny cat video, because we like those too. 🙂


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