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Social Media Marketing: Complete management of social media platforms, curation, and reporting

Know your customers


or those new to social media, it can seem disconnected from traditional marketing methods and lead generation. Let’s take a common-sense approach and take a closer look at how your target market is behaving online, and explain how social media can drive them to engage with your brand.

The majority of smartphone users research a product A FEW MOMENTS BEFORE purchasing* as opposed to a week, day, or even an hour before. This short window means that your brand needs a strong online presence in order to make an impact. Let’s explore exactly where they are looking.


The top three sources that customers rely on to find your brand are word of mouth, company website, and search engine*. If people KNOW about your product and are TALKING about it, others will be informed and influenced.


What are these customers looking for? No surprises here: location, product information, and reviews*. Again, you can see the part that social media plays in this, your product is displayed prominently online and happy customers are leaving reviews – this inspires trust and reassures the customer.


Managing your brand and running social media campaigns is what we do. We are creative in our approach and want to find out as much about you and your brand as possible to help us get your brand personality across, and expand your social media network. Let us work to improve your ‘word of mouth’ customer conversions.

We can advise you on which platforms would be appropriate for your requirement including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, and many more.

Get noticed online.

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*Source: Google Trends © 2014