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Why does growing local brand awareness online help?

Is growing my business online suitable for smaller businesses?

Growing online is just as important as building awareness locally. You don’t have to have millions of followers, and a brand like Nike, Apple or McDonalds etc to use online marketing successfully.

No matter the size of your business, growing your brand awareness online is key in building and expanding, in addition to retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.


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In addition to the point above, you don’t need to be worldwide to fulfil the potential of your business on Social Media. You can aim on growing your business online locally, so that potential clients in your area know who you are, which will benefit you more than having potentially more followers, but based around the world, when you may only be a local bread shop.

Why does local advertising help online, and why not just use print?

When you advertise using print, such as newspapers or flyers, you reach boundaries that may limit your success of advertising. One of these boundaries is that it is next to impossible to target or aim specifically at a target audience, without wasting time and money to do so.

For example, When you advertise in a newspaper article, you cannot pick who sees that newspaper. Of course you can advertise in specific newspapers for different audiences, however you cannot create your own targeted group, its just luck that someone will see your advert and have the same interests.





However this all changes when you advertise online, as you can create personal groups to target, for example you can create specialist groups and individuals with certain specific requirements for  them to be promoted to. These can be anything between location, to likes, to the accounts they follow. This means that instead of blind marketing you can target people who have the same interests and relevant likes that match you, your business or the products that you sell.

This feature of Online marketing and advertising really sets a difference between print and online advertising, and gives you an edge over your competitors, if they are not on Social Media, or working with it efficiently.


Why does local Social Media awareness help me?

90% of your local area are online, think of online advertising as an online street.

You have your own page/account, that is your store, your store is located on a platform (twitter/facebook) That is your street. And all of your customers visit and should leave likes, reviews and comments…after all, you wouldn’t expect a customer to walk into your store and leave straight away would you?

You want to interact with your customers, make interesting content online, and advertising just like you would in a shop window. Online advertising is a 2-way conversation, its not just about selling!


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If I don’t sell online, can local online awareness still help me?

Like we stated, its not all about selling! When you work with customers online, you want them to feel respected and valued. Thats why local awareness is extremely important when working online, as it gives people an online base for your business, to view local information, products or updates.

No matter how small the business, you will have customers and clients looking for your online platforms, and can sometimes be more beneficial for potential clients to look online for information and products or services you offer than by visiting you. This shows that having local online awareness can simplify business locally at the same time as growing and expanding your online following.


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