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We’re proud to share some of our latest feedback from one of our clients from within the legal profession. We cover a broad range of industries as well as legal and financial; you can find out more about our services here.

A question we are often asked lately is: “How can we, as a financial or legal organisation, manage compliance across our social media campaigns in line with the FCA, the IFA or the SRA?”

social media financial and legal compliance

Compliance; managing the balance can be tricky

Generally speaking, the information being broadcast on social media can be general and link back to your website, to highlight information that is already out there in the public domain. This is not about bending or breaking the legislation that you have to comply with, it’s about getting your name out there, to let people see what you do, and for them to see and recognise your name, your brand, and your philosophy.

Many years ago it was not possible for solicitors to advertise their companies; the law has changed and we now see TV adverts and billboards with solicitors advertising all over the place. This is now the new way forward, there is no going back. In a nutshell, you have to get there before your competitors fill your space.
Reputation and brand management is key.
The question is, how do financial/legal organisations manage their compliance issues successfully and in such a way that doesn’t tarnish or impinge upon their reputation.

Cloud Social Media work within guidelines set by governing bodies. With a background in law, compliance is at the top of our list when it comes to strategy, content creation and finding the right channel and voice for your brand. Not only that, we offer previews of all campaigns so that each proposed social media post can be approved in advance.

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