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It’s not ALWAYS about the number of ‘likes’ you have on Facebook…

There’s a measurement tool we use that looks at your Facebook ‘reach’. It’s a really simple premise: it tells us how many people are actually physically SEEING your updates, as opposed to how many people ‘like’ your page.

The number of ‘likes’ and the ‘reach’ can be absolutely at opposite ends of the scale.

Let’s use this example; a new company starts up, and as a promotion, they are giving away £1million for free. They are new, so they only have 10 ‘likes’ on Facebook. They then send a status update about the giveaway. This update is picked up in Facebook’s newsfeed, and shared, then shared again – this time by people that have never heard of the company. It’s shared again. Before long, the ‘reach’ figure (people that have SEEN the original update) is in the thousands. However, it’s entirely possible for the company to still have only 10 ‘likes’.

Do you ‘like’ every brand that you use?

No – if you did, your Facebook feed would be constantly full of brand updates, as opposed to Uncle Henry’s funny cat videos. But have you ever looked at a company’s Facebook page before you use their services – probably yes.

Have you ever searched on Google and clicked onto a company’s Facebook – probably. Many people use social media this way – they don’t necessarily ‘like’ the page, but they want to look at it, either to find out more information, or to benefit from a Facebook offer or promotion.

Having said that, there are times when the number of Facebook ‘likes’ can really matter. For example, if you’re an online retailer selling goods nationally, a high number of ‘likes’ would go some way to instantly reassure people that you are popular, and therefore encourage them to look at your website.

In these circumstances we can offer to run paid advertising on Facebook, but if you’re not sure whether this applies to you, just call us and we’ll take you through it.


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