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Top 5 reasons to outsource your social media management

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We’ve decided to share the top 5 reasons why our clients have come to us. If you’re thinking about having a third party to manage your social media, have a look and see which of these five reasons apply to you.

1. Fear of losing business to competitors who are using social media already
More than one of our clients have mentioned that they KNOW that competitors are already using social media to their advantage. They are worrying; firstly that they are losing business, secondly that they just don’t know how to DO social media, and thirdly that they are going to have to spend a fortune. It’s a good time to point out that our services for Facebook at Cloud Social Media start from under £3 per day.
2. Lack of knowledge
One of our clients uses her personal Facebook daily, but when she had a go at managing her business Facebook page, she admitted that she is simply unwilling to spend the time researching the technology and marketing side of things, finding it completely overwhelming. She’s more than happy to let us take care of it!
3. Not enough time
One of our clients is very clued up on his hashtags – but he has multiple businesses to run. Trying to juggle this with his family commitments meant that he was completely unable to dedicate enough time to social media. He was referred to us through a friend and hasn’t looked back since.
4. Nobody within the company was suitable to take on the responsibility
We have come across a situation where neither of the owners wanted the task of social media, and the only other option was a part-time receptionist who was simply too busy to take on the task. Their budget wouldn’t quite stretch to another member of staff, and they didn’t want to use a work experience student, so we are on-hand to manage their online reputation for them.
5. Never used social media
…well, actually, we haven’t come across a client yet who hasn’t used social media…but we know you’re out there somewhere!
Still unsure? Give us a call and we can advise you on next steps.
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