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Top 5 ways to grow on social media

Top 5 methods to grow on social media


Olly May

(Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice at Cloud Social Media)



Social Media. Everyone has it. Thats why it’s important you know how to utilise it.

 For Enterprises, Social media gives them a new window of business, to display a positive and updated social media presence, but also to show potential clients strong brand awareness to separate themselves from competitors and rivals.

The three main rules of social media.

To grow on social media, whether as an individual or company, you need to create content that follows three main rules.

  • It’s consistent, your content is all around one main theme, e.g. if you are a restaurant looking to grow online, make sure you post regularly all following the same trend, which in this case should be food and lifestyle.
  • It’s original, make sure that you keep posts your own, be different and be creative, it’s your social media so why not! Make sure everything you’re posting is not meta tagged!
  • Keep things trending! Make sure your posts are relevant to what’s going on in the world, or what’s trending at the time. Make sure you look out for relevant trends and what’s developing in the market you want to go into. Link this back to yourself and what you can offer, and you are guaranteed to get people’s attention!


Utilise platforms, softwares and tools.

Social media is highly effective when you use third party software and tools. These can vary from helping you create and publish content to also helping you keep track of the progress and data collected from your previous posts to see what’s doing well.

For example, a good way to manage your twitter account is by using tweetdeck.twitter.com

If you are unaware on ‘Tweetdeck’ and what it offers, check out our video explaining it and why it is useful to you! (LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hyp32JaMJw&feature=youtu.be )


Another effective platform to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts at the same time, is postfity.com/. This allows you to link multiple accounts on multiple platforms and similar to

Tweetdeck, you can plan posts for anytime in the future and it is also free to use.

Be Consistent

On social media, you can share an event, post or news update with just a few clicks, and people know that, so clients will expect regular updates that are suitable for your business. For example, don’t over do it and post every 20 minutes, however, you should be aiming for no less than one post a day, and if you aren’t currently fulfilling that, you aren’t staying consistent meaning you are losing a huge potential of business through your social media platforms.

Encourage audience to invest in you

Just like marketing in general, you need to create content that engages and excites your followers/target audience. You need to make sure what you post is relevant to your business and also what’s happening around you. Once posted you should use your analytics to dictate the way forward, and use what’s doing well to build on future posts/content that you produce, as it may continue to bring in positive results for your social media platforms.



Currently, video productions and ‘boomerang effects’ are very popular. If you missed last week’s blog on ‘WHY IS ‘VIDEO CONTENT’ SO KEY FOR BUSINESSES ONLINE PRESENCE?’ You can check it out here: http://cloudsocialmedia.co.uk/category/video/ )

In brief, video content allows a company to express itself more, and what it offers. It can show the company in effect and how their services can be offered. Video marketing isn’t always what you think it is… long, well edited long productions. You can simply take a clip you took from the business, and turn it into a .gif (an animated clip that acts and works as a photo) or even better, you can use Instagram’s ‘boomerang effects’ to create short unlimited clips that you can then download and use across several platforms of your choice.

Run competitions to generate engagement

Any successful business needs to make their clients feel like they are getting value for money, and that the business is involved in trading to benefit the client as much as themselves. If a business is successful in making clients feel valued, they will gain customer loyalty and respect, which won’t just drive towards more sales, but also make the client feel happy to give you their time.

One way an organisation can do this is through running competitions, events and special offers.

For example, if you have a competition on your Facebook, you could drive engagement to go up, such as likes or shares, by saying ‘FREE YEARLY MEMBERSHIP COMPETITION, SHARE AND LIKE ____ TO ENTER’ and then linking a relevant post/image on the subject, can get people to boost your page for you and also get them thinking about you. Or if you was using your website to run an offer, you could have something like ’50% off all desserts when you use this code’ and then have ‘enter email to be sent your unique code’. This way you are collecting customer data, which you can use for marketing in the future, you are also giving the customer a reason to come to you,  as you are giving them an exclusive that makes them feel valued and respected which like mentioned previously is very successful for repeat business if done correctly.




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