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Creating a mobile friendly website that will save you time

Creating a website can be hard, there is always new features that people want, new trends that are hard to keep up with and the never ending chase to keep your social media up to date. 

We have recently been tasked with creating a website for a restaurant in Oxford. They wanted to be able to interact Trip Advisor reviews, social media, an online chat system that the on duty manager can manage from mobile and a menu that can be updated at any point, without using PDF’s. 

We took this opportunity to make a website that can be easily managed with automation that will help visitors book online and email newsletter members without having to create new content everyday. 

We then used the Opentable platform to make the social media point people to the online booking system. 

The great thing about all of this is that we can manage the website with ease and we can also give as much of the management over to the client to avoid ongoing costs. 

Online chat

As you can see below, people can read the menu and easily start an online chat while on mobile. This means that instead of the potential customer wondering if you can meet their dietary requirements or have space for a large party. They can ask with ease and book instantly. 

The online chat looks as close to a native messenger as possible. People can leave the page and still get a notification and if there is no one there to answer the message then an automated message can be shown with a call to action. 


Changing your menu can sometimes be a big task. Not just the work in house creating the new food, but then uploading the new menu, making sure there are no mistakes and then getting people to see your new menu. For many restaurants this is done seasonally. So being able to update a dish or a whole menu with ease is so important. 

We have created this website so that each dish is individual and the managers of the restaurant have access to the website in order to update it in a few minutes. 

We wanted to be sure to make the menu match the rest of the website and not to be a PDF download like so many websites have. 

We have split the menu into the appropriate sections and then simply uploaded the dishes and the prices. If a price changes or a dish comes off the menu then it is a simple task to update the website so that it matches the restaurant. We can do this for restaurants that offer delivery, however, in this case it was not required. 

With the mobile view as you can see above, the menu is simple to read, easy to scroll through Andy as the ability to star dishes to represent them being a customer favourite. 

Contact us

Having a very clean and simple contact page is so important. An interactive Google Map, a clear phone number and a link to book online. The map and the book online links help to reduce phone calls and enable customers to simply use their mobile device to achieve what they want. 

Online booking

We work with Opentable with manat of our clients. Opentable offer a simple and effective online booking system that works on mobile and desktop beautifully. The restaurants diary will be instantly updated to ensure no overbooking and the customer will receive a clear and simple email with confirmation of their booking, directions to the restaurant and a phone number to call if they need to. 

The Opentable platform can also be easily integrated with social media and newsletters. Freeing up your staffs time to complete the tasks they need to. 

Social Intergration

Social media is the key for so many restaurants. Showing your food off on Instagram and promoting your business through Facebook drives so much traffic. Letting customers know that you are social and that you are staying current is imperative in this day and age. We have been able to link the social media pages all together and with the website so that nothing is unseen by the customer and they can find out as much as they want. Our Facebook pages all are set up with messenger automation so that customers queries never go unanswered. 

The results

Since the above has all been implemented there has been a steep increase in business and online bookings. Customers are happy to get a clear and simple view of the restaurant and feel happy that they can get hold of someone with ease. 

If you would like to know more then please email us on [email protected]


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